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Microfinance for Development & Equity
This publication of LMFPA, developed through the course of 2012, serves to help Sri Lankan policy makers to get a further understanding of the microfinance sector and some issues raised by it. Such an understanding will enable the policy makers to design and implement policies that are more conducive to the sustained development of financial services for the poor and to provide them with opportunities to achieve better and tangible results in their quest to escape from poverty.
The booklet briefly discusses the role of microfinance in poverty reduction, highlights the historical evolution of the microfinance industry in Sri Lanka, the current institutional structure and the sector’s achievements. The section on government policy towards development of the microfinance sector in Sri Lanka is followed by a discussion on the issues, particularly issues relating to the introduction of a regulatory system and some conclusions
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Universal Standards for Social Performance Management (USSPM)
Developed through broad industry consultation, the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) Universal Standards for Social Performance Management are a set of management standards that apply to all microfinance institutions pursuing a double bottom line. Meeting the standards signifies that an institution has strong social performance management (SPM) practices. As a member of the SPTF, LMFPA too has a great interest of promoting these standards among its members and stakeholders hence the standards were translated into Sinhala & Tamil.
USSPM English handout
USSPM English Manual
USSPM Sinhala Handout
USSPM Sinhala Manual
USSPM Tamil Handout
USSPM Tamil Manual
Lanka Microfinance Practitioners Association (LMFPA). 2010. Profiles of Members
Since its inception, the LMFPA has substantially increased the number of its member organizations up to currently 81. This report provides an overview of the current LMFPA member organizations and is a valuable asset for investors, policy makers, practitioners and development partners. To obtain the document, please contact the LMFPA under coordinator@lankamicrofinance.com