Corporate profile of SIYB Association of Sri Lanka

The Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) Association of Sri Lanka is a private sector national umbrella body of major public and private sector business support service providers for micro-, small-, and medium-scale enterprises (MSME) and is the main BDS facilitator in Sri Lanka and the Asian region. The SIYB Association was established in November 2004 as a successor of ILO-SIYB Sri Lanka Project of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and is implemented with financial support from the Swedish International Development Agency.

The Association is registered in the division of the Non-Governmental Organizations in the Ministry of Social Welfare in Sri Lanka under No. L80803. The Association is working as an affiliation of the International Labour Organization and it enjoys technical support from the same.

The vision of the SIYB Association of Sri Lanka is to create a competitive market for BDS.

The mission of the Association is to facilitate the establishment of a dynamic network of BDS suppliers that provide a wide range of high quality SIYB and other products and services to MSMEs of different levels.

The SIYB program follows an institutional approach. It builds up partnership with and strengthens the capacities of organizations that have a clear mandate for and a track record in the delivery of cost-effective and impact-oriented Business Development Services to the MSME sector. Over the last 10 years the SIYB program was able to build up the partnership with 69 business support service organizations (SIYB partner organizations) and almost more than 400 training professionals directly employed by their partner organizations who deliver SIYB training to the micro and small entrepreneurs. The training products are developed by the ILO and the quality is maintained by SIYB's management team based in Colombo. The trainers are trained in all three SIYB's core products and in the SIYB training methodology. All elements have to be successfully completed in order to become a SIYB certified trainer.

There are 27 master trainers to develop the capacity of SIYB Trainers, develop and adopt training materials and safe guard the quality of SIYB. They are being employed by the respective partner organizations. The master trainers are playing an important role in training the trainers ensuring the technical sustainability of the SIYB training product.

After the SIYB project, the SIYB Association of Sri Lanka took over the project activities from June 2005 and continuing the SIYB program promotion, implementation and monitoring activities in the country.

Geographical Coverage All districts
Head Office Address 21/22 A, Polhengoda Gardens, Polhengoda Road, Colombo 05
Telephone +94 11 2810869
Fax +94 11 2827693
Key Contact Person Mr. Mohan Thilakasiri
Designation Chief Executive Officer
Telephone/Mobile +94 77 3572328, +94 77 7661808