Corporate profile of Stromme Microfinance Asia (Gte) Ltd

Stromme Microfinance Asia (Gte) Ltd (SMAGL) is a company limited by Guarantee incorporated on January 3, 2006 under the Companies Act of Sri Lanka.  SMAGL is founded by Strømme Foundation, a leading Development Organization in Norway. Both these entities were established to help achieve the overall vision of the Stromme Foundation; a world free from poverty.

SMAGL provides access to capital and business development services to poor marginalized and vulnerable families and communities to improve the family income and thereby enhance the living status and wellbeing of families and communities. SMAGL also work as a catalyst in promoting harmonized social behaviors and, community responses to community needs through improved social networking mechanisms.

Our aim is to promote and support institutional frameworks  that are capable of achieving  viability that would ensure long term sustainability of our assistance to the targeted communities.

Geographical Coverage All districts
Head Office Address 3A,Gunasekara Gardens, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya
Telephone +94 11 2867982
Fax +94 11 2867983
Key Contact Person Ms. Roshini Fernando
Designation CEO
Telephone/Mobile +94 11 2897982