Corporate profile of Habaraduwa Participatory Development Foundation

The Habaraduwa Participatory Development Foundation (HPDF) was established in 1993 as a sequel of the change agent programme in 1978. This involved an action research and training programme which research on the poor communities and support them to find means to overcome their poverty situation. It is identified as a ‘self reliance and participatory’ method since it gather the communities stricken by poverty to find means to overcome that by themselves. HPDF completes 22 years of service and has supported more than 16000 women from poverty stricken families.

The organization’s vision is “empowered community, free of poverty” and its mission is to “create a community based process that facilitate a positive change in the lives of low income groups through self-empowerment and participation”

HPDF has 2 branch offices facilitating implementation of various community development projects in four DS divisions in Galle and Matara districts while its head office is in Habaraduwa DS division in Galle district, mainly engaged in strategic management of the organization.

Geographical Coverage Galle
Head Office Address Meepe Road, Katukurunda, Habaraduwa
Telephone +94 91 2282039
Fax +94 91 2282599
Key Contact Person Mr. Wimal Dissanayake
Designation Executive Director
Telephone/Mobile +94 777327347